Friday, September 24, 2010

a million Stephen Colberts -- and me on the Colbert Report

I haven't been on the Colbert Report ... yet.

But I should be.

Who would be better to discuss the possibility of uploading Stephen Colbert's mind into a computer so that we could copy him an infinite number of times?

Imagine the possibilities:

Do you wonder who you should vote for this fall? Just consult your in-house Colbert. Once we've copied his mind into a robot we could all have him!

Are there politicians (or academics!) who need interviewing? A CUPID (Colbert Uploaded Personality In Dispersion) could be dispatched to the location while the flesh and bone Colbert relaxed comfortably in a smoking jacket with a glass of brandy nearby.

Imagine a political debate...the candidates could all answer questions from their personal Colbert.

And what about ending political strife altogether? 100 CUPIDs could ensure that there are no fllibusters in the Senate and another 435 would take care of the House of Representatives. With two more as President and Vice-President and 9 more on the Supreme Court, political partisanship and  legislation from the bench would come to a permanent end!

So, how about showing Mr. Colbert a little love...encourage him to invite me onto his show to discuss the possibilities.

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